15 Most Famous Spanish-speaking Cities (2023)

15 Most Famous Spanish-speaking Cities (1)

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There are many incredible Spanish cities in Spain and Latin America that are full of delicious food, mesmerizing architecture, museums, beaches, music, and much more!

Every city and village has its own unique energy, and people from all over the world love to travel to Spanish cities.

Today, let’s tour the most famous Spanish-speaking cities to learn more about this fascinating culture and all its enchanting cities.

Top 15 Famous Spanish-speaking Cities

Spanish-speaking cities have much to offer, from folkloric dances to delicious homemade dishes that will leave you astonished! Check out this curated list of the best Spanish cities to visit on your next trip!

1. Barcelona, Spain

Population: 1.62 million

Barcelona is one of the biggest Spanish cities by the sea. Barcelona is unique for Gaudi’s colorful architectural designs, a rich student life, and beautiful cathedrals.

Barcelona has incredible activities such as learning flamenco, learning Spanish, eating tapas, and sightseeing the mesmerizing churches and cathedrals.

There are several languages in Spain that are fascinating to listen to and even learn. As far as Spanish-speaking cities go, this is a prime choice if you’re looking for a mix of seaside and major city.

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2. Mexico City, Mexico

Population: 8.855 million

Mexico City has many colorful and exciting activities to offer. It’s one of the most wonderful cities to visit due to its museums, attractions, food, and historical architecture.

Mexico is full of delicious tacos, joyful celebrations, and pristine beaches. If you’re not sure when to go, El Día de Los Muertos (November 1) is one of the most famous holidays in the country, and it makes for an unforgettable experience.

Mexico City is a huge metropolitan city, yet it’s just 45 minutes from the ancient Aztec city of Teotihuacán. Other incredible sites to see are the Plaza de la Constitución and La Casa Azul, which is the Frida Kahlo museum.

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3. Cartagena, Colombia

Population: 914,552

Cartagena is a beautiful colonial city right on the Caribbean Sea. Many call it “the magic city” because it looks like a fairy tale. It has a large expat community, so you can always find like-minded travelers.

Many people travel to Colombia to learn Spanish and enjoy outdoor activities such as volcano climbing and visiting Tayrona National Park, which is close to Cartagena.

Try the famous arepas that everyone raves about! And if you like the sea, you can go scuba diving and enjoy the beach life.

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4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Population: 335,468

San Juan, Puerto Rico is a US territory, but its official language is Spanish. San Juan features stunning colonial architecture, dazzling beaches, and one of a kind ports if you’re looking to sail or partake in other water activities.

In Old San Juan, you’ll find the Castillo San Cristobal. Take a tour to learn about the history of Puerto Rico. The banana boat rides are epic with a view of the bioluminescent bay at night.

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5. Quito, Ecuador

Population: 2.011 million

Quito is a high-elevation city located close to the equator, the Pacific Coast, and one of the world’s largest volcanoes, Cotopaxi.

While visiting Quito, you can also check out the world-famous Galapagos Islands, which is home to some of the most exotic plants and animals in the world!

Old Town is a quaint part of Quito with winding cobblestone streets and enchanting architecture. Take a tour of the center of the world and visit the local museum where you can learn more about the planet’s hemispheres.

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6. La Antigua, Guatemala

Population: 46,054

La Antigua is incredibly accessible, picturesque, and captivating. It’s a small city close to the capital of Guatemala that has colonial architecture, coffee shops, cobblestone streets, and Spanish language schools.

The village is a UNESCO heritage site that dates back to colonial times. If you’re an adventure lover, climb up volcán de Agua or volcán Acatenango.

Antigua offers loads of 5-star restaurants, as well as tasty street food. It’s only a few hours away from the U.S., and the people there are warm and welcoming to travelers.

15 Most Famous Spanish-speaking Cities (7)

7. Havana, Cuba

Population: 2.13 million

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Cuba is a unique Latin American island country, and Havana has a rich flavor and sound. La Havana is known for its high-quality music, food, and medicine! Tourism keeps the economy going, and many Cubans love their old-school city just as it is.

Havana has tropical weather, gorgeous beaches, and awe-inspiring music and dance for travelers to enjoy.

If you like to explore, visit the Museum of Revolution to learn about the culture of Cuba and poets, musicians, and other famous Cubans throughout history.

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8. Arequipa, Peru

Population: 1.008 million

Arequipa is a lovely South American city with picturesque architecture surrounded by three inactive volcanoes and mountains.

Even though Lima and Cuzco are just as beautiful, Arequipa is truly one-of-a-kind with breathtaking cathedrals, epic monasteries, and the famous arches of Yanahuara. Take a walk with a scenic view and enjoy the quiet atmosphere this special city has to offer.

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9. Asunción, Paraguay

Population: 525,252

Asunción is one of the greatest and oldest cities in South America. The city has colonial architecture. Its Democracy Plaza is a favorite among travelers.

It’s located along the eastern bank of the Paraguayan River, so it’s perfect if you like outdoor activities. The presidential palace in Asuncion is a beautiful building to visit and learn more about Paraguayan history and culture.

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10. Granada, Nicaragua

Population: 232,208

What makes Granada special is its growing tourism industry and its colonial architecture. It features classic cobblestone streets as well as brightly lit buildings.

Granada has a cathedral from colonial times and many top hotels to choose from. There are also lovely cafes to check out and small islets you can visit by boat with stunning views. Some people call these islands the Hollywood of Granada.

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11. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Population: 3.3 million

The Dominican Republic is extremely popular because of its location on the Caribbean Sea. Santo Domingo has colonial architecture, delicious Caribbean cuisine, and catchy live music all over town.

The mesmerizing beaches attract travelers from all over the world, and many language learners come here to learn Spanish.

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway where you can immerse yourself in the island lifestyle, this place is for you. You can take dance lessons, walk around town, and learn about Santo Domingo’s culture in Spanish.

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15 Most Famous Spanish-speaking Cities (12)

12. Montevideo, Uruguay

Population: 1.381 million

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, and it’s an easy city to navigate. It is a coastal city with a lot to offer. Take a walk along La Rambla, a path that stretches from the suburbs to the financial district of Montevideo.

At El Mercado del Puerto, you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Check out the steel structure that was built to make it a one-stop-shop for locals and travelers to enjoy.

Another huge perk of Montevideo are the must-see beaches that are close to the old town. While you’re there, visit the Museum of Fine Arts and local theatres that are a huge part of Uruguayan culture. Check out the plays, concerts, and operas at Teatro Solís.

15 Most Famous Spanish-speaking Cities (13)

13. Heredia, Costa Rica

Population: 138,562

Costa Rica is famous for its rainforests, beaches, volcanoes, coffee plantations, and crystal-clear rivers. Heredia is 10km north of San Jose, so it has access to a bigger city and is the perfect escape for those who love nature.

It’s known as the City of Flowers and ranks highly when it comes to safety. Heredia also has a high concentration of international universities that welcome foreigners.

Local people (also known as ticos) are incredibly friendly, and they live by the philosophy of pura vida (“the good life”).

15 Most Famous Spanish-speaking Cities (14)

14. Valparaíso, Chile

Population: 295,113

Valparaíso is a coastal city in Chile located a few hours from Santiago. Pablo Neruda’s hometown is a quirky port city with important Chilean history.

It is a main port for the country, and influences from international travelers give Valparaíso a unique touch. It is a bohemian city with beautiful architecture, cool museums, and quiet neighborhoods.

After walking the streets of Valparaíso, you’ll find yourself fitting in quite easily because it has so much to offer different kinds of travelers. Many consider it a trendy and fun city.

15 Most Famous Spanish-speaking Cities (15)

15. La Paz, Bolivia

Population: 766,468

La Paz is one of the highest major cities in the world that will have you gasping for air until you get used to the altitude. It’s a charming city with both colorful streets and quieter streets that you’ll find enchanting and special.

Bolivians are friendly and enjoy drinking tea as well as dancing and celebrating their culture. La Paz also has cable cars to enjoy the view and get around the city.

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Learn the Language of these Spanish Cities

Spain and Latin America have incredible cities for different preferences and ages, from colonial architecture to modern art. No matter which Spanish city you prefer, learning the language is a must when you travel to these beautiful cities.

In the United States alone, there are approximately 53 million people who speak Spanish. In fact, the U.S. is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. According to CNN, there are 41 million native Spanish speakers in the U.S. who speak Spanish in their homes. Sign up for a free class to prepare for your trip to a Spanish-speaking city and fully enjoy everything it has to offer!

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