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Once the basecamp of a silver mining town, Park City's Main Street has come to represent the heart and soul of one of the most popular mountain towns in the west. For skiers and snowboarders, it boasts the most immediately accessible terrain anywhere in the United States with Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain each less than 10 minutes away. It’s also packed tight with luxury shops, art galleries and boutique restaurants to satisfy every craving.

Maybe it’s this easy access to recreation or the town’s well-preserved history, or maybe it’s the unique blend of shops and restaurants. Probably it’s a combination of all these things. Whatever it is about Main Street, prepare to be charmed.

Park City Explore Main Street by Map

Restaurants on Main Street

Recommending the perfect place to eat on Main Street is kind of like trying to recommend the perfect ski run. Sure, your perfect fit is out there, but you’ve got quite a few choices to consider.

While restaurants like Riverhorse on Main, Yuki Yama Sushi, and Grappa Italian Café are plating up dishes that are just as beautiful as they are decadent, kick-back eateries like Wasatch Brewery and No Name Saloon are busiest once the slopes and the trails start to empty. It’s hard to find a bad meal on Main Street, but it may be just as difficult to declare any single dish as your favorite.

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Bars, Breweries & Distilleries

Did you know that Utah’s first brewery and first (legal) distillery are both locals to Park City? It’s true. Wasatch Brewery and High West Distillery were founded not in the state’s capital city or in its earliest settlements, but in a neighboring mountain town. Consider Park City’s mining history, adrenaline-pumping attitude and refined sense of culture though, and it all may start to seem less surprising.

Explore High West Distillery

Hotels & Lodging

Six minutes to Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort, 15 minutes to Jordanelle State Park and 20 minutes to shopping, dining and recreation at Kimball Junction — Main Street is the ideal homebase for the Park City experience. Sure, there are more affordable rooms just outside of town, but if it’s an urban experience you’re looking for then there is no better place to stay than on Main Street.

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Shops & Stores

Wherever your travels take you, chances are you find yourself rambling through the nearest shops. Some do it for the thrill of shopping, others because they left something unpacked at home or have a few hours to spend. Whichever way, one thing holds true – local stores are some of the best places to gain a sense of community in unfamiliar territory.

Ask anyone who has visited Park City and they will tell you that they spent at least one night shopping on Main Street. There are so many shops, restaurants, music venues and art galleries to see it simply can’t be missed. Plus, if you’re visiting during the summer months you may encounter Park Silly, a farmers market that is hosted every Sunday from June to September.

Browse Shops and Stores

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Support Local

Supporting local communities during your travels can have a profound impact. Stock up with groceries locally, stop in an artisan shop or eat at a restaurant in addition to campfire meals. Now more than ever, these small businesses need support from travelers near and far.

Discover more ways to support local

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3 Days

Park City Classy Warm-Weather Weekend

There are many ways to build a magical weekend in Park City. Three days can easily include art galleries, spa time, boutique browsing, food, and live entertainment. And, of course, the mountains make the place, so hiking boots are recommended for your pack list, but you don’t have to spend the entire time — or any time — in outdoor-gear mode. There’s plenty to do, and the itinerary can be as laid-back or active as you like.

Arts, Events, Support local, Urban Experiences, Wellness


  • Kimball Art Center
  • High West Saloon
  • Spa Treatments
  • Park City Nighlife

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Historic Main Street In Park City, Utah (31)


4 Days

Weekender Ski Park City

So you've made the decision to ski Park City for a weekend. That decision alone will be rewarded with three resorts that eclipse over 9,000 acres of Utah's renowned skiing and riding.

Non-ski Winter Activities, Olympics, Ski and Snowboard, Solitude, Urban Experiences


  • Ski City Urban Lifestyle
  • Park City Mountain
  • Deer Valley Resort
  • Park City Experiences

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Historic Main Street In Park City, Utah (32)


5 Days

Wasatch Wellness

A Northern Utah wellness guide from Salt Lake City to Ogden, Park City to Provo, that will have you boosting your physical and mental health with wilderness hikes, canyon drives, wellness therapies and farm-to-table dining.

Adventure, Hiking, Stargazing, Urban Experiences, Wellness


  • Scenic hikes in the Cottonwoods
  • Stargazing at North Fork
  • Yoga & meditation in Park City
  • Farm-to-table dining in Provo

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