Indiana Inmate Phones/Sending Money & Mail (2023)

Sending Mail to Inmates in Indiana

Indiana inmates are encouraged to maintain communication with friends and family members who serve as good role models. Keeping these close relationships can help with an inmate's eventual reintegration with society. Offenders in Indiana are allowed to send mail and receive mail from anyone, with the exception of other incarcerated individuals (corresponding between inmates is restricted unless approved by the facility head).

All incoming mail is opened, inspected and read to ensure no contraband/illegal substances are introduced to the facility, the only exception to this is legal correspondence which can be opened and inspected in the presence of the inmate, but cannot be read. Your letters and envelope may not contain stickers, staples, lipstick, perfume, or have any other decoration. In addition, the letters may not contain codes, symbols, or maps.

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Offenders are responsible for buying stamps, envelopes, and stationary for their correspondence. A small amount of free postage is provided by the facility to indigent inmates.

Inmates can receive photos that are 4"x6" in size. The photos must not contain nudity/sexually suggestive content, and cannot display any illegal activity. In addition, photos may not be instant or Polaroid photos as these pose a security threat.

When sending mail to your inmate, format it in the following manner:
Inmate's FullName
Inmate's IDNumber
Housing Location
Facility Name
PO Box orStreet address
City, State, zip code

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Sending Books and Magazines toInmates in Indiana

Inmates in Indiana can also receive books, newspapers and magazine subscriptions sent directly from The books must be paperback and can never be hardcover, they must also always be new from Amazon, no third party sellers are allowed. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions can also be purchased through Amazon for your inmate.

Certain content restrictionsexist. For instance, you are not allowed to send any publication that contains nudity, depicts or incites violence, describes the manufacturing or brewing of drugs and alcohol. Also, publications thatexplain how to construct or use weapons, ammunition, or bombs are not allowed. In addition, publications may not have maps, blueprints, or drawings of the surrounding areas or correctional facilities. If you want to learn more about how you can sendthese items to an inmate you can read more about ithere.

Sending Money to Indiana Inmates

Inmates incarcerated in an Indiana prisoncan receive money from friends and family members. Funds must be sent in the form of a United States Postal money order made payable to 'JPAY'. Include the inmate's name and ID number on the money order and fill out an inmate deposit form.

Send the completed money order, and completeddeposit form to:
P.O. Box 531399
Miami Shores, FL 33153

For more information on sending funds to an inmate, read our guide here.

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Indiana Inmate Phone Calls

Inmates can make outgoing collect calls and prepaid collect calls through a third party company. At no time can an inmate receive an incoming call. If you only have a cell phone you will be unable to receive regular collect calls, but you can receive calls from your inmate if you use the prepaid collect calls option.

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The phone service provider for Indiana is Global Tel* Link also known as GTL. You can visit the GTL website here to setup an account. You can also setup your account over the phone by calling 1-800-483-8314.

If you are trying to contact your inmate because of a family emergency such as a death, you should askto speak to the Chaplains office at the prison and explain what has happened, they may or may not be able to help you.

GTL/Connect Network will charge fee's for all calls. You may be able to drastically reduce the bills foryour inmate phone callsby setting up your account with a number local to the facility. Learn more about how you can save money on your inmate phone calls.

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How do you put money on your phone to talk to someone in jail? ›

PREPAID COLLECT: NCIC prepaid collect account option, allows a friend or family member to put money on their phone for inmates to call. Every time calls are made and accepted to a prepaid number, the charges are deducted from the account. Prepaid accounts can be setup for all types of numbers, including cell phones.

How do I put money on my GTL phone? ›

You can create a telephone account, make deposits and view balances through the ConnectNetwork website. Customers can also use GTL's automated telephone system to create an account and make deposits with a credit card. The system is completely automated and can be accessed by calling 800-483-8314.

What can I send to an inmate in Indiana? ›

Offenders may receive correspondence, legal mail, and publications from publishers only, which are reviewed to determine whether they are obscene or constitute a danger to safety and security.

Can inmates use cash App? ›

Cashapp Accounts

The only way for a loved one to legally place funds on an offenders account is via Securus or by mailing a money order to the Offender Finance Office.

What is the best phone service for inmates? ›

AdvancePay® is ConnectNetwork™'s fastest and most convenient phone service connecting friends and family members to inmates. It's simple. When you create an AdvancePay account, you're creating a prepaid collect calling service that allows an inmate to call your phone number using deposited funds.

Does Indiana use JPay? ›

All credit/debit card transactions are limited to $100.00.
Indiana Department of Correction.
This facility has:3 JPay Inmate kiosks
Phone:(219) 874-7258
5 more rows

Does Indiana Department of Corrections use JPay? ›

All credit/debit card transactions are limited to $100.00.
Indiana Department of Correction.
If you send money onInmate can spend on
Before 11:45 PM EST SaturdaySunday
6 more rows

How do I send money from Western Union to an inmate in Indiana? ›

  1. Call 1-800-CALL-CASH® (1-800-225-5227).
  2. Follow the prompts and provide the requested information. You'll need the correctional facility name, inmate's name, inmate's account number and the send amount.
  3. Save your tracking number (MTCN) as proof of payment.

Is ConnectNetwork the same as GTL? ›

ConnectNetwork is part of GTL, the corrections industry's most trusted technological solution provider. We make it easy and convenient for you to communicate with and support inmates at a facility—whether you're looking to: receive phone calls. send messages.

Is GTL the same as JPAY? ›

GTL is the service provider for families with loved ones inside a Department of Correction Facility.

How does GTL Advance Pay Work? ›

To accept calls from an inmate at this facility, we recommend you create an AdvancePay® prepaid telephone account. Prepaid calling works by placing money on your phone number so that when your inmate calls you the funds are deducted from the balance on your prepaid account.

What can prisoners receive as gifts? ›

When choosing things to send inmates, consider these five options to make your loved one's time away a bit better.
  • Letters and messages.
  • Commissary money.
  • Photos.
  • Books, magazines and newspapers.
  • Celebratory cards.
29 Nov 2016

Can you send bathing suit pictures to inmates? ›

Can you send bathing suit pictures to inmates? Answer: NO. Very few facilities allow nudity or anything that could be considered sexually explicit photos. To play it safe, make sure all subjects are fully clothed with no cleavage.

What can you send on JPay? ›

JPay's Email service provides a way for friends and family to write electronic letters to their incarcerated loved ones. Most inmates receive their email within 24 to 48 hours, and many can respond electronically as well.

What app is used for inmates? ›

WHY USE GETTING OUT VISIT APP? IT'S A VIDEO CALL: Remote video visits are an easy, instant way to connect with your incarcerated friend or loved one. This service will allow you to make a video call to an inmate, just like Skype or FaceTime.

Why do inmates always ask for money? ›

So, what do they need money for? A lot, it turns out. Prisons typically provide the bare minimum when it comes to food, clothes, shoes and hygiene supplies. Some states provide items such as toothpaste, soap and limited amounts of letter-writing supplies only to the “indigent,” or those who have little to no money.

Can I put money on phone through JPay? ›

In the Add Funds to Phone Account box, click Buy Phone Time. On the Phone Account page, in the Choose Offender list, select the offender you want to fund.

What phone company do prisons use? ›

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has partnered with, the California Department of Technology (CDT), to enter into a contract with ViaPath Technologies (formerly Global Tel*Link Corporation, or GTL) to enhance communications, technology access, and family connections for the ...

What is the cheapest inmate phone service? ›

  • The Problem. Calling from prison is expensive. ...
  • The Solution. PRISON CONNECT provides you with a number local to the facility where your loved one is located, connected with your cell phone, at one low flat monthly rate -only $4.99, and no hidden fees or charges. ...
  • The Result.

Can inmates use TextNow? ›

All calls to and from your TextNow phone from the US and Canada are free. Correctional facilities will often have a list of phone carriers and services that will work with their phone systems. TextNow is generally not compatible with these; contact the correctional facility's head office for more information.

Is securus and JPay the same? ›

In 2015, JPay was acquired by Securus, a prison telecommunications company that had raked in over $114 million dollars in profits in 2014 alone from its phone services in 2,600 prisons and jails across 46 states and the District of Columbia.

How fast does JPay work? ›

Payments and Money Transfers post to the facility by the next business day. The online system accepts credit cards for money transfer transactions, making JPay a quick and convenient way to get funds to your incarcerated loved one.

What states use GTL? ›

GTL is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, with additional locations in Alabama (Mobile), California (Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles), Florida (Gainesville and Lake Butler), Indiana (Indianapolis), Minnesota (Minneapolis), Pennsylvania (Altoona and Pittsburgh), and Texas (Plano, Irving, Fort Worth, and ...

What is SAP for an inmate? ›

The Substance Abuse (SAP) and Life Skills Programs target the criminogenic factors resulting in an inmate's incarceration. The programs promote pro-social attitudes and behavior change in an effort to reduce criminal behavior.

Is JPay used for phone calls? ›

JPay Prepaid Phone Time is an easy way to prepay for phone calls with inmates.

What can JPay money be used for? ›

Send Money is a JPay service that lets the friends and family of an inmate transfer money directly into their inmate trust account. Also this service allows offenders, parolees and probationers to make their community corrections payments.

How much money can you send through Western Union in a day? ›

Maximum send limit $500/day/card account.

How much is the maximum you can send through Western Union? ›

Once verified, you can send up to 50,000 USD. You can verify your identity online or at an agent location. Please note: The sending limit may vary depending on the destination country and the service you choose.

How can I send money to someone without a bank account? ›

9 Ways to Send Money to Someone Without a Bank Account
  1. Money Order. Money orders work a bit like checks. ...
  2. Walmart-to-Walmart. ...
  3. Western Union. ...
  4. PayPal. ...
  5. Venmo. ...
  6. Square Cash. ...
  7. Prepaid Debit Cards. ...
  8. Google Wallet.
11 Aug 2022

Is ConnectNetwork GTL free? ›

Free communications help maintain meaningful connections between families separated by incarceration and provide a level of communication that is always available, no matter a person's financial situation.

What is the GTL settlement amount? ›

What does the Settlement provide? GTL will provide up to $67 million that will pay (1) credits/refunds to eligible Class Members, (2) the costs of notice and administration, (3) attorneys' fees and costs, and (4) special service payments to Class Representatives.

Is GTL and globaltel the same? ›

TouchPay Holdings, LLC d/b/a GTL Financial Services is wholly owned by Global Tel*Link Corporation d/b/a ViaPath Technologies.

How do I use JPay for free? ›

Just go in to and follow these steps: Enter a valid incarcerated ID. Select the correct incarcerated individual from the list you will be provided. Provide us with your email and password.

How do inmates know they have a JPay email? ›

Electronic emails are received by the inmate/offender via a kiosk for those facilities that have inmate/offender kiosks. The inmate/offender will reply to you using the kiosk without the need to print or scan any document.

How much is a JPay 6 tablet? ›

Inmates can purchase the $69.99 tablet from a kiosk in their facility or someone can purchase it for them. To communicate with inmates, people can access JPay's web platform or get the free JPay app on iPhone or Android.

How do I set up advance pay? ›

The easiest way to establish and manage an AdvancePay account is online at You can create a telephone account, make deposits and view balances through the ConnectNetwork website. Customers can also use GTL's automated telephone system to create an account and make deposits with a credit card.

How does advance pay work? ›

A pay advance is not a loan. It's simply access to money that an employee has already earned, but not yet been paid. It's not a loan because the employee doesn't need to pay it back. They simply get their pay, minus any pay advances and fees, on payday.

How can I withdraw money from my GTL account? ›

To request a refund via phone, call one of these phone numbers for your specific service: GTL: +1 (877) 650-4249. VAC: +1 (800) 913-6097.

Can Amazon ship to prisons? › makes deliveries to prisons. However, we recommend that you contact the prison first to confirm that they accept deliveries and to ask about any special policies they have. The label on the outside of the package should only state the destination address, company name, and return address.

Can inmates receive Christmas gifts? ›

As a family member or friend of an inmate, you can help your loved one enjoy some of the comforts of home to make the holidays brighter. Most facilities have strict policies for inmate care packages and mailed items. However, there are many special gifts that you can send quickly and easily to support your inmate.

Can you give prisoners Christmas presents? ›

Convicted criminals can't look forward to opening presents on Christmas Day - but some inmates do get sent parcels by ;loved ones on the outside. While this can be something to look forward to, there are restrictions on what can be sent in - with sweets, chocolates and toiletries all banned.

What kind of pictures are not allowed in jail? ›

Photos should never contain nudity, sexually suggestive material. Hand gestures and tattoos are often not allowed because it may have gang implications. Only 5 photos can be sent in an envelope with a single stamp at a time, and often times a facility will only allow 3-5 photos.

Where do prisoners wash their clothes? ›

Inmates may wash their personal items bought from commissary using their personal soap in the sink available in their housing unit. Inmates will not wash personal items in facility laundry equipment.

What are the three main reasons prisoner mail can be restricted? ›

This means that personal letters and photos you send may be restricted by the workers at the facility if they are deemed inappropriate, dangerous, or a security threat. Although personal mail may be more prone to censorship, you have the right to send photos and letters to your loved one in prison.

How much does it cost to send a message on JPay? ›

You must purchase electronic JPay stamps to send electronic messages. Each electronic message requires one stamp to send, and each stamp costs $0.40.

What does it mean to buy a tablet on JPay? ›

JPay offers flexible tablet options to help incarcerated individuals stay connected with you, while providing access to education and betterment courses to prepare them for success after incarceration.

How do you make a phone call from jail? ›

Inmates are allowed to make outgoing calls only, and under no circumstances are incoming calls allowed. The normal method of calling is by collect call (cell phones cannot receive collect calls). Inmates can also use pre-paid phone accounts setup through third party vendors.

How do you start talking to someone in jail? ›

7 Tips on What to Talk About When Visiting Someone In Jail
  1. Share your joys. Sharing the positive events in your life, no matter how small, is a great place to start. ...
  2. Let them know they are loved. ...
  3. Lend a listening ear. ...
  4. Be wary of future planning. ...
  5. Don't be scared of emotions. ...
  6. What to avoid. ...
  7. Continue to stay in touch.
27 Oct 2020

How do I talk to my friend in jail? ›

The 6 Things to Say to Someone in Jail To Make Prison Life Bearable for Your Loved One
  1. Keep Them Entertained.
  2. Send Some Gifts.
  3. Share Your Joys.
  4. Share Your Troubles.
  5. Make Them Feel Important.
  6. The Bottom Line.
14 Nov 2018

How do you talk to people in jail app? ›

GTL's GettingOut mobile app is rooted in the power of relationships. It provides simple and reliable communication between inmates and their family and friends -- allowing them to stay connected, even on the go!

Is GTL and ConnectNetwork the same? ›

ConnectNetwork is part of GTL, the corrections industry's most trusted technological solution provider. We make it easy and convenient for you to communicate with and support inmates at a facility—whether you're looking to: receive phone calls. send messages.

Can jail phones call text now numbers? ›

Can TextNow receive collect calls, or calls from a correctional facility? No, I'm afraid the TextNow system cannot accept collect calls, as we have no way to bill you for individual calls. All calls to and from your TextNow phone from the US and Canada are free.

What does God say about prisoners? ›

In the beginning, Jesus said that God “has sent me to proclaim release to the captives” (Luke 4:18). He was reading a passage from Isaiah 61:1, which records that the Spirit of God had anointed his servant “to proclaim liberty to the captives, and opening of the prison to those who are bound.”

What does the call say when you get a call from someone in jail? ›

The operator will identify the call as coming from inside the prison, and the detainee will be asked to state their name so that the person on the other end can determine if they will accept the charges.

How long can you talk to a prisoner? ›

While telephone calls are limited to 15 minutes, prisoners must wait one hour from the start of a previous call to place another.

Can you leave a message for someone in jail? ›

Inmate Voice Mail is a secure PIN-protected system where friends and family can easily leave a voice message for any inmate without the need to contact the facility.

How do you get inmates to text you out? ›

How to Send Messages
  1. Step 1: Log In. Log into your account at or through our free mobile app for iOS and Android.
  2. Step 2: Make a Deposit. Deposit funds into your “Friends & Family” account and their “Inmate” account so you can send messages back-and-forth.
  3. Step 3: Start Sending Messages.
10 Nov 2016

How do you make a prisoner feel loved? ›

  1. Suggestion #1: Send Money if Possible. ...
  2. Suggestion #2: Answer Your Loved One's Phone Calls. ...
  3. Suggestion #3: Write Letters to a Loved One in Prison. ...
  4. Suggestion #4: Visit Your Loved One in Prison. ...
  5. Suggestion #5: Visit Your Loved One's Friends in Prison. ...
  6. Suggestion #6: Communicate Positive Messages to Your Loved One in Prison.
14 Feb 2018

What app do prisoners use? ›

The JPay App is the easiest way to stay connected and support your incarcerated individual. JPay allows you to quickly send money to a trust account, send and receive Emails, photos, eCards and Videograms. Purchase a tablet for your contact and fund their media account.

Is there a app for smart jail mail? ›

The #JailMail app allows people to send letters and #photos to their incarcerated loved ones directly from their smart phone.

What is SmartJailMail? ›

What is SmartJailMail? SmartJailMail is an electronic communication system designed to supplement standard postal mail. If you think about the process of sending and receiving a letter, SmartJailMail works in much the same way except that it is done on a computer instead of on paper.


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