PR Tips for Photographers: Six ways to promote your media coverage (2023)

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When you secure a piece of press coverage mentioning you or your photography business, make sure you are making the most of it!

Getting featured in the media isn’t easy and it gives you visibility, kudos and credibility. So, I would definitely urge you to promote your media coverage!

Chances are, that media mention wasn’t easy to achieve. Getting featured in newspapers, in magazines, on websites or blogs is probably not an everyday occurrence to you either, is it?

So, whether you’re featured in a ‘news in brief’ slot in your local paper, or you’ve landed a small feature or photo story, an interview or a multi-page editorial, this is a success well worth celebrating! You will likely have made a conscious effort to pitch your story and/or images, and devoted time and energy to landing that article. So, this is a big deal, right?!

Therefore, it absolutely makes sense to tell people about it once it’s live or out in print!

A word of warning though – do not take photographs of newspaper and magazine articles and share online as you may become liable to pay for a media access licence or risk being fined.

This is a useful article about how to share press coverage in the right way.

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Why share your press successes?

I believe there are many reasons why you would want to promote your media coverage, including:

1. Increased visibility and web traffic

If the article is online and links through to your website, or even if it’s a print article and just mentions you or your photography business by name, then it will potentially generate lots of additional traffic to your website.

People who have read the article and are interested in what you do may be curious to know more, so your website is the obvious next step.

2. Helps you stay top-of-mind

Another benefit of telling people about your press coverage is that after reading the article, so many more people will be informed about what it is you do and how you help people.It will serve as a great reminder to those who haven’t seen or heard of you for a while.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to be top-of-mind and to reassure your clients that you are a media-worthy photographer!

3. Positive engagement will boost your confidence

Positive comments, messages of congratulations and feedback on the article will boost your confidence and may make you feel more inclined to try to land more press coverage in the future.

Friends, family, clients and business contacts will likely want to send you a ‘Well done’ message if they see the article.

To know that you have people cheering you on in business is a wonderful feeling and can spur you on to do more press. Which, in turn, will help you to get more visible and to grow your photography business further.

4. One article can potentially lead to another

A final reason to promote your media coverage is that you never know who might see your article. In PR, it can often be the case that one article can lead to more media opportunities – this is what’s known as the ‘snowball effect’.

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For example, a strong local story may be picked up by a regional magazine or regional TV news or radio channel. A regional story may be picked up by a national newspaper, magazine, TV or radio programme.

PR Tips for Photographers: Six ways to promote your media coverage (2)

Six ways to promote your media coverage

Here are some ideas for how you can promote your press coverage in order to get it seen by as many people as possible:

  1. Share links to online media coverage on social media

If you are mentioned or featured in an article online, you can tell your followers on social media about it by sharing the direct link.

You could tag the journalist and/or publication, and in your post thank them for including you. In my experience, a thank you is always much appreciated by journalists.

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You can also temporarily ‘pin’ any promotional post you create to the top of your Facebook page or Twitter account too, to ensure that it’s the first thing people see when viewing your page or profile. In Instagram, you can temporarily make the one active link in your bio the link to the online article to drive traffic to the piece.

N.B. You cannot use a quote from the article or reproduce the headline of the article when sharing. Again, this article has great tips on do’s and don’ts of sharing press coverage.

2. Create content about your press coverage on your blog

Your blog is also a great place to write about the press coverage. You can write an article about the topic covered in the media and include a link back to the original.

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Even better if you can tell the story of how it came about and what you learnt from the experience of being featured. Perhaps you took part in a magazine photoshoot – what was it like being in front of the camera instead of behind it, for example?

Share your own behind the scenes pictures, stories and insights that will be interesting to your readers, although do not share copyrighted material such as a photograph of the magazine article.

3. Share your press successes in your email newsletter

You can include a mention of any press coverage you secure for yourself or your photography business in your email newsletter. Don’t be afraid to tell all your subscribers and clients about your press success.

Being featured in the media is something that you are deservedly proud of. So, of course, feel free to tell your email subscribers – these are likely to be your biggest fans after all!

4. Showcase media mentions on your website

You can also create an ‘In the Press’ page on your website as a place to list and link to your online press mentions.Showing your website visitors that you have been featured in the media will almost certainly add trust and credibility to your offering and potentially raise a few eyebrows!

When visitors to your website see that you have been quoted or interviewed in media articles, they will probably be suitably impressed!It also gives you an edge over your competition and could even end up being an influential factor in why a client books you over another photographer.

You can create an ‘As featured in…’ section on your website, showcasing logos of the media publications you have been mentioned in. Place this in a highly visible area of your site such as on your home page, or on the About page (which is usually the second most visited page of any website).

Again, don’t share photographs of the press coverage but you can share a direct link to it if it is an online article.

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5. Promote your media coverage in your email signature

An often-forgotten tactic is to use the area underneath your email signature to highlight content that you want to share. This is valuable real estate that is likely to get a lot of views on a daily basis. So, don’t be afraid to utilise this space to effectively promote your press wins.

You probably send tens of emails out every single day. By including a link to your ‘In the Press’ page of your website or to a specific online article you are increasing the visibility of your press coverage. Don’t forget to include other important links, such as to your website or blog in your email signature too.

6. Show off your press coverage to clients

Clients will love to see you in the media spotlight and it may prove to be an ice-breaker, or certainly a talking point, if you display your press coverage where they can see it.

If you have a photography studio, I suggest that you present press clippings within a folder or binder and have it somewhere accessible, perhaps near the client seating area so your clients can flick through. Or, get it framed and up on your studio walls!

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Share your press wins!

I hope that these ideas have inspired you to start sharing your media coverage so that you can get more impact from your moment in the spotlight!

While there are some important rules you need to be aware of around sharing media coverage (here’s the link to that useful article again), you can do it and it’ll help to raise even more awareness of you and your photography business.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been featured in the media and how it came about. I’d also love to hear how you promoted your press coverage. If you didn’t, get sharing it today!

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What is media coverage? ›

The term media coverage is used to refer to all blog articles, RSS feeds, video content or other types of digital content (produced by individuals or organisations other than your own company) where your brand, products or services are discussed or shown.

How do you get media attention for your cause? ›

Follow the three steps to set your cause up for better media coverage:
  1. Position yourself or others within your cause as experts.
  2. Stay in contact with relevant reporters.
  3. Make your website media friendly.

What makes good PR coverage? ›

Good PR coverage highlights the organization and the brand with stories about what the company and the brand has achieved. Bring attention to what you're doing right and how it's going well. Even better, celebrate the wins of your customers.

What makes a good PR? ›

Good PR celebrates the client's customers in an inclusive, non-exploitive way. It is called "public relations". Creating a message and campaigns that do more than sell is extremely important. And, good public relations welcomes the input of “neutrals” and especially, “critics” – and adapts strategy accordingly.

What are the 7 types of media? ›

Modern media comes in many different formats, including print media (books, magazines, newspapers), television, movies, video games, music, cell phones, various kinds of software, and the Internet.

What are the types of media coverage? ›

What are the three types of media coverage? The three types of media coverage are owned, paid, and earned. Owned is your own media, paid is promotional media, and earned is unpaid coverage from other sources.

What are the 5 elements of media strategy? ›

The 5 Elements of an Effective Social Media Strategy
  • Audience Awareness. ...
  • Ideal Platform Selection. ...
  • Data-Driven Risk-Taking. ...
  • Constant Learning and Adaptation. ...
  • Integrate within Digital Strategy. ...
  • Conclusion.
18 Mar 2019

What are examples of media strategies? ›

Being aware of the different types of media strategies and how they work enables marketing professionals and business owners to better choose the best options for their unique goals and needs.
Paid media strategy
  • Paid ad placements.
  • Branded content.
  • Display ads.
  • Influencer collaborations.

What are the 4 media effects? ›

These four media-influenced functions are acquiring, triggering, altering, and reinforcing. The first two of these functions influence immediate effects that would show up either during the exposure or immediately after.

What are 3 techniques used in the media to attract your attention? ›

Marketers use these techniques to attract audience attention:
  • Rule of thirds and the golden ratio.
  • Color psychology.
  • Testimonials.
  • Placement and typography.
  • Visual path.
  • Association.
  • Emotion.
  • Demographic positioning.
11 Mar 2022

What is another word for media coverage? ›

“The press coverage the event receives is invaluable, she said, but she suggested the industry also consider the strength of the subliminal message.”
What is another word for press coverage?
102 more rows

What are the five 5 key elements of a PR plan? ›

Stay relevant.
  • Know your target audience.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Develop a message.
  • Know your competition.
  • Stay relevant.

What are the 5 essential skills that a PR professional has to have? ›

Five must-have skills for a career in PR
  • Communication skills. Most importantly, if you're considering a PR career you will have to be a good communicator. ...
  • Research skills. ...
  • Writing skills. ...
  • International mindset. ...
  • Creativity.
16 Jan 2013

What are four key elements of PR? ›

The 4 Keys to a Successful Public Relations Strategy
  • Creating a Successful Public Relations Plan.
  • Analysis (based on research)
  • Establish goals and objectives.
  • Implement your messaging.
  • Evaluate your efforts.

What is the most important skill in PR? ›


More than any other skill, communication is the one you will use every day when working in this field. You must be able to communicate your thoughts clearly and be an excellent listener. As a public relations specialist, you also need to be socially aware while communicating.

What are key values in PR? ›

In the public relations discipline, ethics includes values such as honesty, openness, loyalty, fair-mindedness, respect, integrity, and forthright communication.

What is a PR strategy? ›

A PR strategy helps a business create, organize, and measure the effectiveness of its public relations tactics over time. It's separate from a marketing plan but should support marketing efforts. A public relations strategy may cover a full year of campaigns or address a single goal, like a product launch.

What are the 6 media? ›

Just 37 years ago, there were 50 companies in charge of most American media. Now, 90% of the media in the United States is controlled by just six corporations: AT&T, CBS, Comcast, Disney, Newscorp and Viacom.

What are the 6 types of new media? ›

What Are the 6 Types of Social Media? The six types of social media, though this can be broken down in many ways, include social networking, bookmarking, social news, media sharing, microblogging, and online forum sites.

What are 10 types of media? ›

Here is the essential information about the main types of mass media and their political contents.
  • Newspapers. The core of the mass media of the departed twentieth century was the newspaper. ...
  • Magazines. ...
  • Television. ...
  • Public Broadcasting. ...
  • Commercial Radio. ...
  • Music. ...
  • Films. ...
  • Books.

What are the 8 sources of media? ›

In this Section
  • Books.
  • Encyclopedias.
  • Magazines.
  • Databases.
  • Newspapers.
  • Library Catalog.
  • Internet.
27 Sept 2021

What are the 3 types of media effects? ›

Lesson Summary
  • The direct effects theory, in which the media has direct effects and is responsible for society's ills.
  • The indirect effects theory, in which media exposure affects people in different ways.
  • The agenda-setting theory, in which the media determines what is important.
29 Oct 2021

How do I check my media coverage? ›

Here are a few of our favorite free and easy options for tracking media coverage:
  1. #1: Google Alerts. One of the easiest — and best — ways to start tracking media coverage is to set up Google Alerts. ...
  2. #2: Talkwalker. ...
  3. #3: Bookmark Key Websites and Outlets. ...
  4. #4: Reach Out to Journalists.
1 Feb 2022

What are the six steps in media relations? ›

This guide will take you through six steps that are easy to follow and will assist you in delivering a creative public relations campaign or marketing plan.
  • Step 1: OBJECTIVES. ...
  • Step 2: GOALS. ...
  • Step 3: TARGET AUDIENCE. ...
  • Step 4: CREATE A TIMELINE. ...
  • Step 5: PLAN OF ACTION. ...
3 Dec 2014

What are the 6 key characteristics of new media? ›

New Media are digital, interactive, hypertextual, networked, virtual and simulated. These are the six key characteristics which distinguish New Media from old media.

What are the 7 steps in creating a content strategy? ›

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy (7 Steps)
  1. Define your goals.
  2. Establish your target audience.
  3. Identify keywords by establishing the problems your business solves.
  4. Run a content audit.
  5. Determine which content types you will use.
  6. Create a content calendar & publish.
  7. Measure results.
20 Aug 2020

What are three best examples of media? ›

There are many forms of media, and each has some forms within it. Newspapers and magazines are print media. Broadcast media is television and radio. Lastly, Internet media comprises social media or podcasts.

What is a media strategy plan? ›

Media planning is the process of determining how, when, and to what audience a branding or advertising message will be delivered. A media planner analyzes how a message is intended to support a marketing or advertising strategy and then develops tactics to share that message in the right places with the right people.

What are the 3 new media? ›

13 Examples of New Media
  • Websites.
  • Blogs.
  • Email.
  • Social Media Platforms.
  • Video Sharing Platforms.
  • Online Newspapers.
  • Online Forums.
  • Wikis.
20 Nov 2020

What is media effect trend? ›

What Is the Media Effect? The media effect describes how certain stories that the news or media publishes may influence and/or amplify current price trends in a particular asset class, sector, or overall market.

What is media effects model? ›

Media effects include theories that explain how the mass media influence the attitudes and perceptions of audience members.

What are the 8 advertising techniques? ›

20+ Commonly Used Advertising Techniques
  • Technique #1: Color Psychology.
  • Technique #2: Composition.
  • Technique #3: Rule of Thirds and The Golden Mean.
  • Technique #4: Focal Point.
  • Technique #5: Visual Path.
  • Technique #6: Typographic Composition.
  • Technique #7: Repetition.
  • Technique #8: Body Language.
30 Aug 2019

What are the 10 attention getting strategies? ›

10 Ways Great Speakers Capture People's Attention
  • Start with the unexpected. Start with a bang, not a whimper. ...
  • Make it about them. ...
  • Keep it concrete at the start. ...
  • Keep it moving. ...
  • Get to the point. ...
  • Arouse emotion. ...
  • Keep it interactive. ...
  • Write clear headlines.
5 Mar 2014

What are the 5 advertising techniques? ›

Basic techniques used in propaganda transfer successfully to advertising and remain the most frequently employed.
  • The Use of Repetition. ...
  • Claims Relating to a Product. ...
  • Association and Connection with the Customer. ...
  • Convincing Customers to Join the Bandwagon. ...
  • Promotions and Rewards.

How do you use media coverage in a sentence? ›

There was extensive media coverage. But the new media coverage also signalled a new populism. Such criticism has received wide media coverage and is taken very seriously politically in donor countries. It was a case that generated hysterical, daily media coverage and comment.

Why is media coverage important in media relations? ›

Securing positive media coverage is an excellent way to establish credibility. An article in which you are positioned as a key opinion leader on a relevant issue can ultimately turn your potential customers and stakeholders into advocates of your cause, whatever it may be.

Why is media coverage important for an event? ›

It gets your message across to a wider audience.

The various forms of media – primarily television, newspapers and radio – spread and disseminate information. Getting your information into the media will spread your group's story further than it could be spread without media coverage.

How can I increase my Australian PR score? ›

The 10 areas that you can increase points for are:
  1. Age.
  2. English language skills.
  3. Skilled employment experience (Australian or overseas employment)
  4. Educational qualifications.
  5. Specialist education qualifications.
  6. Australian study requirement.
  7. Professional year in Australia.
  8. Credentialed community language.

How do you increase your PR on Instagram? ›

Twenty PR tips for using Instagram
  1. Use Stories. ...
  2. Post regularly. ...
  3. Think about words. ...
  4. Use people. ...
  5. Get the production level right. ...
  6. Use live streaming. ...
  7. Be instantly recognisable.
25 Apr 2019

How can I speed up my PR in Singapore? ›

First, arrange the documents that are required for the processing of your application. Second, attend the ICA office interview. If you have already scheduled an interview, the most important thing that needs to be done is to be early for it. Your punctuality speaks a lot about who you really are.

How is PR coverage calculated? ›

Another smart way to evaluate your media coverage is to compare it with other campaigns. That's where Share of Voice (SOV) comes in. SOV is a metric used to determine how you weigh up next to your competitors. It can provide insight into how much coverage your company receives in relation to that of your competitors.

Can I get Australia PR with 80 points? ›

65 points is the minimum points required to be eligible for PR visa, the higher you score on the eligibility calculation, the brighter the chances of you being invited to Apply for Australian PR. Scoring anywhere from 80 to 85 points can make you eligible for a quicker PR invitation to apply.

Can I get Australian PR with 75 points? ›

Australia's skilled visas are based on a points system, hence the common question, “Is 75 points enough for a 189 visa?” Applicants are awarded points for age, qualification, work experience and more. The minimum points required to apply is 65.

Can I get Australian PR with 60 points? ›

To apply for an Australia PR in 2022, you require 65 points under SkillSelect for Subclass 189 and Subclass 190 visas.

How do I get more followers? ›

10 Ways to increase Instagram followers
  1. Optimize your Instagram account. ...
  2. Keep a consistent content calendar. ...
  3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance. ...
  4. Avoid fake Instagram followers. ...
  5. Showcase your Instagram everywhere. ...
  6. Post content followers want. ...
  7. Get the conversation started. ...
  8. Find hashtags that convert.
23 Jun 2017

How can I be a successful influencer? ›

How to become an influencer in your industry
  1. Find your niche. ...
  2. Choose your social media platforms. ...
  3. Develop your content strategy. ...
  4. Build and maintain a website. ...
  5. Be consistent. ...
  6. Have an opinion. ...
  7. Engage with your audience. ...
  8. Grow your network.

What is a PR list on Instagram? ›

PR packages are packages of carefully selected brand's products sent to a list of influencers or celebrities in hopes of them using the product and posting it on his or her social media sharing it to their audience organically.

Which country gives PR fast? ›

Nicaragua is the only country that gives you permanent residency immediately. Most countries, including Panama, start with a temporary residency and then allow you to upgrade to permanent status. Like Panama, you can apply for citizenship after 5 years of residency.

Why is my PR application rejected? ›

A PR application could be rejected due to various reasons such as failure to meet eligibility requirements, failure to provide the right documents, failure to write a complete and consistent detail in the form, unclear scanned copies of documents, missed deadlines, criminality, health, and others.

Is getting Singapore PR easy? ›

90% of Singapore PR Applications are Rejected

The answer is of course a no, instead with proper research, understanding and guidance, you stand a great chance of being granted PR status. Before we get into the details of Singapore PR applications, you need to first understand why exactly the rejection rate is so high.

How do you know if your PR is successful? ›

7 ways to measure the success of a PR campaign
  1. Number of press articles. ...
  2. Social media reach and engagement. ...
  3. Media content analysis. ...
  4. Website traffic. ...
  5. Brand mentions. ...
  6. Sales figures. ...
  7. Website backlinks.
18 Nov 2020

What is a good PR number? ›

Pulse rate in an oximeter indicates the heart rate in beats per minute. Ideally the pulse rate between 60 – 100 beats per minute is considered good.

What is the gold standard of PR? ›

The PRSA College of Fellows is the gold standard for public relations professionals. Induction into the College of Fellows is an emergence into new ways of serving our profession and our colleagues. Nearly 700 members have been inducted since its inception in 1989.


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